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Wholesale Jeans by JZ

Premium Denim Jean Wholesaler

Fit, Design and Quality makes Nina Rossi Jeans and JZ Premuim labels a hot item in the Market

In Los Angeles California
Skinny, Straight or traditional Boot cut Jean
Nina Rossi Jeans - JZ Jeans
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Nina Rossi Jeans - JZ Jeans
Nina Rossi Jeans - JZ Jeans
Nina Rossi Jeans - JZ Jeans
Nina Rossi Jeans - JZ Jeans
Buying the perfect pair of jeans takes time and research... the best jeans wholesaler
in Los Angeles, California... You're in the right place!
Covering the best denim jeans the fashion industry have to offer
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Shopping for the coming season? We are proud to offer our customers high quality Wholesale Jeans at excellent prices. You will be amazed at how much value there is in our online inventory.
Los Angeles Wholesaler We enjoy a diverse customer base because we are one of the few suppliers that do not require a membership to make purchases. the wholesale clothing market in Los Angeles has a wide variety of brands, they differ in quality and style. Consisiting of Capris, Bermudas, Skinny Jeans, Boot Cut, Straight Cut, Push Up (Levanta Pompi), and the traditional Straight Cut. Any individual or business can take advantage of our bargain-priced apparel, and there is no minimum order to buy from us. the wholesalers in Los Angeles have a keen eye for the latest trends and fashion products making LA Fashion District the place for wholesale distributors in Los Angeles.
to buy for their stores, from Large to Small distribuitors. wholesale clothing jeans in the market takes one of the first places in the retailer's inventory all trought the US.
Phone in The US: (213) 748 5141
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One thing about Nina Rossi Jeans is how authentic their washes are. We spend time and care on getting them just right, their whiskering looks just like it would on a very old and used pair of jeans, their distressing is done so well that it passes off as real and it looks really good, each of their jeans are so unique and individual, their fit is always fantastic too!

These jeans have a really good fit, the rise is just about right, it’s not too low and it’s not too high which I love, the back pocket placement is also extremely flattering, you can tell they have taken time to get it just right as the pockets sit on the butt in the right places. They have also made these jeans nice and slim all the way down but still being very fitted and flattering. The inseam is also not too long.

If you are looking for a perfectly distressed and authentic looking light washed pair of skinny jeans then these are the pair you are looking for! They fit all the requirements of a worn in look Summer jean and the fit is perfect. Each pair is unique and that’s what makes them more valuable and special to each owner.
No fashion item has offered versatility, durability, comfort and glamour as successfully as designer jeans. This is why we are again experiencing another revolution in designer jeans. Jeans are very much status driven, Seven and True Religion are just a couple of the new super pricey boutique brands on the market. The price and universal appeal of designer jeans can be attributed to celebrities who have countless pairs of designer jeans in their wardrobe. Today's innovative jean makers are able to provide jeans fans with the most versatile and figure flattering jeans ever. Whatever your shape, personal style, or status, you will be able to chose from a fantastic range of designer jeans.
Each decade designers have managed to reinvent jeans so they to suit the attitudes and fashion trends of each generation. Designer jeans are an excellent investment for both men and women.
Perhaps because the comeback of the Nineties, maybe this recession - after a decade of controlled parts jeans, torn jeans matters again. Showing jeans drenched bleach and perforated; continued adoption of ardent of Gwen Stefani, sisters Olsen and other icons of fashion, (and blew the resucitation both of Guess, Levis and Ours) the ordinary citizens off the street. Anyone who walked torn jeans in the Nineties, may remember the price paid in exchange for cool, from older generations, who really enjoyed them not understanding the honey. But then saying that it was kicking and anti-fashion, jeans cost a lot less, and most of the rifts created by the user. And today? Now who is galloping on the news are mostly torn premium brands, such that each pair costs hundredths of dollars and more, and here begins the problem just outrageous. Although I hold a fashionable alternative agenda on the one hand, and ready, on the other hand, pay lots of money for jeans fitting, no state in the world I'll buy jeans with holes built in jeans, with all justifiable that aura around them.
Jean fabric and denim were two distinctive materials. Denim was in essence a woven textile that utilized both blue and white thread to make a unique look to the textile. Jean material depended only on the blue thread to compose the fabric. Nevertheless, as years passed the textile grown into a cotton weave that was ultimately died with indigo.

It was during the California gold rush times that denim jeans gained significant buzz. Throughout that time interval the miners were looking for clothing that would stand up to the everyday wear and tear of a gold miner. Denim did actually fit the bill.

The most popular apparel item on the market today are jeans. Pretty much people of all ages have a few pairs of jeans in their closet. Nevertheless, jeans haven't always been a staple item of clothing. Starting out as very functional clothes, they've progressed into to such looks as the extremely popular designer skinny jeans for women.
During the 60s and 70s, denim jeans were common for casual every day wear. Buy it was not until the 1980s that jeans became a more formal item of apparel. This was thanks in part to the fact that upper scale designer jeans companies commenced to create various styled blue denim jeans. Women's skinny jeans with various different washes and stitching become pretty popular. In fact today skinny jeans for women are a go to item for most women's wardrobes.

Denim is everywhere, after years of boot cuts and flares, the skinny denim feels of a sudden newfound and fresh. Though it must be said that skinny jeans didn't just pop up over night. It has taken a some time to reach the main-stream. In fall of 2002 high-end fashion designers were displaying skinny jeans scrunched. By the middle of this decade the trend gets highly dominant on the catwalks and all the high-performance jeans companies are aboard. You have to admit, it looks solid on those size zero models. If Heidi Klum is wearing it, it's must be groovy. Fashion Designers are still promoting the tight jeans, and the movement catches on around the globe. Hot models and celebritiessuch like Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie embrace the new fashion and appear admirable in it. The Tight Jeans is all the buzz! Shops are advertising the new spirit, and everybody from fashion designers to bloggers are publishing about this different style. The slim fit is definitely at the peak of popularity today.
The Skinny Jean is all the buzz! It's hard to wear but you know what they say: "No Pain, No Gain". It's here, it's there, it's everywhere! Suddenly Americans are seeing Skinnies in every store. Almost all denim brands offer at least one version of a skinny, cigarette, or super straight. There are other jeans out there, but these are the ones that are on the top of everyone's list. Stores are pushing the new look, and everyone from fashion editors to bloggers are writing about this new trend. Early in the year news reports are varied, predicting that this is a style that just won't catch on with mainstream America. But by the fall season you can get your skinny fix everywhere from the trendiest boutiques to the local discount store. The skinny is definitely at the peak of popularity right now.

How long will the style last? What's next? Let's look to London and see, is that a wide leg jean?
There’s few things more comfortable than a beloved, broken-in pair of jeans. But some day, when the denim’s faded, the seams have split and the cuffs have frayed, you’re going to be faced with a harsh reality: All good jeans must someday meet their end. But rather than let that precious fabric go to waste balled up in the back of your closet or, worse yet, getting tossed in the trash, you can (and should) repurpose and reuse those precious pants
Don’t let a small tear force you to toss an otherwise perfectly good pair of jeans. Cut patches from an old pair to fix up a current pair of pants. Use a bit of fabric glue to adhere the patch, and just like that, your pants have been fixed.
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